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Slam the door " chicken ribs " serious practical common people buys a car more a

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Agency beat became sufficient strong cry out, depreciate or sales promotion big fight one round catch one round, with period in “ Jin Jiuyin the busy season race to control of 10 ” more “ cake “ . The reporter cuts activity of valence round ” through the own brand “ that our newspaper holds last week, bought car a group of things with common features to undertake investigating definitely to nearly 20. Investigation shows, the person of 90% hopes car city depreciates further, because this chooses to buy a car,meet, the person of 30% expresses to drop extent should exceed 5% only, meet immediately before go buying a car. In the meantime, the great majority in them expresses, divide outside depreciating, price of the oily bad news of car, sex is compared, and the cost that raise a car also can be in the consideration. Actually, enter since September, many models depreciate extent has exceeded 10% , “ Jin Jiuyin big flourishing of city of 10 ” car may photograph period.

Raise a car

The person that the car is bought first abandons configuration of “ ” chickening ribs

The conduct propaganda that turns over manufacturer book, establishment of of all kinds configuration is multifarious, make a person dazzling indeed. Many configuration, you are about to be drawn out more from pocket hundreds of, thousands of very consummate 10 thousand yuan of money. After all what configuration is him really must, what is the “ that lumpish ” sees in “ ” chickening ribs, invite a few customer really, especially the first time in the end of sense of the person that buy a car aches. A consumer of surname plum tells a reporter, a friend took a fancy to previously intermediate, when buying, chose to deploy the type that decides fast cruise automatically designedly, which know to use a car more than one year, walk along high speed to went on a long journey a few times that to try namely, stop the ground that stops to do not have use force at all in the urban district at ordinary times. Had such lesson, mr Li arrived when oneself buy a car, become much more rational. “ Che Zaila tooth, before DVD of headlight filter cloth cleaning device, multimedia, to our economy car advocate for, dispensable. Mr ” Mr Li tells a reporter, him choice can use the configuration on, desertion those gewgaw things, can save a few expense, and the engine that decides car function truly, gear-box and chassis suspension “ 3 big ” , just be the key that when choosing a vehicle, chooses.

The stock market is stagnant first half of the year this year, add breath influence and maintain the CPI in 7% above to go up continuously, let consumer can control sexual income to covert decrease. To the first time the person that buy a car, they had suspended the requirement that buy a car sadly or key is low, do not buy sheet for brand excessive price, turn and more exquisite economy is practical, insist to wait for the requirement of core element to motivation, configuration, service again at the same time, such rational sense that buy a car has been become a lot of the first time the mainstream state of mind of the person that buy a car.
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