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Look of tycoon of gloomy car of city of North America car turns to China further

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Consume the fall of confidence as the United States, car tycoons change attention to China further. Yesterday, shanghai negotiable securities signs up for know: American car line of business a pessimistic sound, somebody predicts American car line of business anabiosised hard 2012 even. Although Chinese car market is added fast begin to put delay, but with car of Euramerican, Japan consumptive general falls to be compared, chinese market still is blessing ground. Bie Kecheng is in China for general motors the oldest hero.

Before 2008 8 months, sales volume of American light-duty traffic drops compared to the same period 11% . Sale of contemporary car United States is in charge of David Zuchowski to predict pessimisticly, the four seasons is spent this year, american sale status is exhausted weak. Because before 10 days of sales volume September are like person meaning very much. Tall canal of car of a few United States expresses, before 2012, american car line of business anabiosises hard.

relatively at American market, chinese market still is blessing ground. Yesterday, xu Guozhen of Ford car vice-president expresses, “ is in after maintaining two digit high speed to grow for years, chinese car market is added fast although fall after a rise comes 10% the following, OK still laugh be proud the whole world. ”

Since this year, on intermediate car market, the car company of each country of beautiful, heart, day, Han all is increased dispatch troops in China. Beijing's contemporary Yi Lan Teyue is moved, the Shanghai's general Xin Kai that fasten a gram is jumped over, Shanghai popular Lang Yi 3 heavyweight cars fight hand-in-hand. Although be in what the car consumes market atrophy July, in August, these 3 cars still behave pretty good: Bie Kexin jumps over 3 side car July, sold 11997 to mix 11091 respectively in August; Yi Lan Teyue is moved sold 7432, 6274; Masses Lang Yi sold 4430, 6365.

Lei Li of president of area of general motors Asia-Pacific predicts, this year, sales volume of Chinese car market will grow 11% to 12% .

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