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City of golden week car is sold flatly the market after the car flourishs one pi

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During 11 golden weeks, bank sale of inn of city car 4S is insipid, business allowing a car feels autumn chill, but the market after the car went sale of wave and one car contrary however situation, present a picture of one clique prosperity.

Business of A, golden week car plays service card greatly

The reporter understands in interview, during 11 ” of “ grow a holiday, bank city car business is special to finish sale job smoothly rolled out after service new move. Because have a holiday, many nonlocal tourists come to Dalian amuse oneself, have among them many before be being driven oneself, come. How should if the car appeared,the problem do? Many Dalian car business are nonlocal car only advocate the maintenance during making a holiday serves policy.

The reporter was informed in interview a few days ago, some 4S inn is during 11 ” of “ most a day of car that makes maintenance into inn achieved 50 second above. When some brand selling manager accepts a reporter to interview, express: The sale task that “ the four seasons spends is very formidable, also brought pressure to after service at the same time. To can enlarge brand influence, we were rolled out designedly during assuring 11 ’ of ‘ car advocate the after service of the safety that use a car is politic, make sure the car of nonlocal client is maintained into the factory above all especially, assure nonlocal client's current during connect advantage. ”

As the advent of autumn, the fault rate of the car also increases accordingly, the reporter discovers in interview, many car business are in old write an essay of after service respect, maintain with “ autumn the characteristic service such as ” will reflect the company consideration to old client, will elevate a firm famous spend and beautiful praise degree, save energy to sell the growth of season sales volume.

Car of B, rescuing service does not have at a loose end momently

The reporter understands, bank inn of 4S of great majority car has the city oneself road comes to help service car, and in “ 11 ” grow holiday, these road relief car do not have at a loose end.

The reporter is informed in interview, numerous car business is in dedicated sell a car while, the security that uses a car to the client also pays close attention to very. He thinks, before to the evaluation of the brand its make work, consumer is occupied only very small one part, what the client pays close attention to most is after using a car, 4S inn can provide what service. Among them, have perfect after service system and the heart that make sure the safety of the client that use a car can strive for a client most at any time, car brand should try hard for this.

From the reporter is informed over there a personage inside course of study, because car sale gain is smaller and smaller, below the circumstance of same price, congener product, what consumer pays attention to more is after service. Inn of a lot of 4S also takes a fancy to this ability to begin to increase the investment on after service and maintenance just about. No matter be to stem from,increasing profit to consider to return is to increase famous degree, period of ” of the golden week after “ is the point that each garage and 4S inn dispute surely, market of car after service already became the ” of “ killer mace of market of agency contend terminal gradually.

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