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After high speed is outspread: After service- - fine point sees time

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Car city was encountered this year history on infrequent off-season, sales volume glides and stock rises incessantly of your businessman complain of suffering. Meanwhile, industry also completes year total sales volume hard to car city 10 million fixed target and anxiety-ridden. Nevertheless, from another angle for, this car city is off-season one when also can regard car city as is adjusted period. The course counts year of high speed dilate, domestic car city gave priority to the market train of thought that guide to leave ” of scotoma of a lot of “ with “ impulse ” , among them of system of integral after service diseased the ” of disease of dense of a “ that is car city all the time. The market that perhaps should experiencing ” of labour pains of a “ is adjusted period, ability makes each manufacturer comes down to tackle the problem that these should solve truly calmly.

Weigh sales volume small service

Domestic car city from start to become the 2nd old car of world to consume the market, used time of more than 10 years merely. Especially in last few years the rapid development of car industry, put into production of completion of plant of each old joint-stock car, hundreds new car in succession throw on the market, make gross of domestic car city is in a few years in grew multiple. As a result of the country that be labelled one of industries of 4 big pillar, automobile industry gets of various government prop up energetically, no matter joint-stock taste look forward to of car of lienal own still brand, all without exception serves as assess oneself to develop main index of the level with “ crop ” and ” of “ sales volume. Be in before that specific history period, with ” of quantity of “ produce and sale this “ measures the target that ” changes to examine the market, can rise to quicken industry and the purpose that the market grows, this is worth us to affirm. But, measure ” to regard assessment as index with “ only, make the market with each passing day only “ quantity ” is from, left a lot of snake in the grass then.

In these hidden trouble, of after service system be short of regret to make most undoubtedly industry headaches, also be most be in hard short-term inside one of settlement problems. As in last few years the high speed of car city develops, car advocate to firm after service complain a case to also show alarming ascendant trend.

A typical case, there is a car before this namely advocate bought some before New Year in number joint-stock brand model, he discovers not long ago oily phenomenon of car occurrence leakage, be repaired to 4S inn. The breakdown of 4S inn diagnoses a result is a small valve bad. Manage by as usual for, this breakdown is a small issue, it need to spend a few yuan of money to change an oil path small valve only is OK to need to spend a few yuan of moneys to change an oil path small valve only. But 4S inn respect gives a car advocate answer is however: Because this model is in two years before already stop production, so this kind of spare parts has stopped money at present, the only way that maintains nowadays is complete set of assembly of will whole oil path changes, also include gasoline tank among them. Such calculating come, originally mere the thing that a few yuan of money can do good works should cost on 1000 yuan, and this cost wants a car entirely advocate will assume.
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