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3 big new politics city of car of influence future Beijing: Profit is good over

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Around of 11 golden weeks, be restricted to go one day every week, wash out car of 300 thousand Huang Biao and free plate 3 new politics come on stage in succession. Although this is not the material benefit that manufacturer and agency give, but the influence that still brought different rate to car city.

● policy one: Be restricted to go one day every week

Release according to Beijing government " the announce that Beijing people government runs measure about carrying out traffic " , came on October 11, 2008 on April 10, 2009, this city is not officer's car to contain the provincial, area that already handled pass of long-term urban district, city to advance Beijing motor vehicle, try out stops every week by plate end date sail a day.

According to announce, legal holiday and general holidays day are not restricted to go, be restricted to go limits is road of less than of 5 annulus road (contain) of 5 annulus road, be restricted to go time is came early at 6 o'clock late at 9 o'clock. Stop sailed motor vehicle to decrease impose cost of maintain a road of a month and car boat tax. Car will stop according to plate end date sail. Cent of plate end date is 5 groups, fixed rotate stops sail day, specific shift to an earlier date by management department of transportation of city public security announcement. Stop first sail plate end date: Come to be respectively on Friday on Monday 1 and 6, 2 and 7, 3 and 8, 4 and 9, 5 face date of end of time signal card, plate to press 0 management) for English abecedarian with 0(.

Evaluation: Interest is much

According to the analysis, drive one overhead traveling crane and officer's car less every week seal up for keeping after be restricted to go, pressure of Beijing viatic traffic will decrease everyday 25% , viatic is embraced will get alleviating, drive the rate of a travel will rise. Although drove one shop traveler less every week, but drive at ordinary times the promotion of efficiency also can make a lot of consumer buy a car to use a car. Beijing car dealer also thinks this policy interest is more.

The impact that also the personage inside course of study is brought to be restricted to give a car city all right expresses concern, xin of king of chief inspector of Beijing division sale represents this Guangzhou field, be restricted to went one day to represent governmental will every week, that is limitation uses a car, this lets a person fear future can be restricted buy. If limitation is bought, so Beijing sale increment will be hit badly, and 2, 3 class city will be growth heat.

Additionally the personage inside course of study expresses, after try out ends whether continue to execute see the effect even how. Car of Ya Yun Cun trades Guo Yong of director of center of market business affairs expresses, according to statistic everyday the car of actual start off has 1.6 million or so, restrict again among them in this leave less one day every week, the amount that limits actually is limited. Look to be opposite truly even in try out process of traffic alleviate action how.

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