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Sales volume glides considerably it is difficult that American car market anabio

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Big flat ” has been in the “ of 70 many American stock market year ago the city of North America car this year repeats. A few days ago, suffer the multiple converging attack that violent wind of oil price of American economy exhausted kind rises, tycoon of each old car that cross a state appeared to glide considerably in American car sales volume September. Sales volume was just as general, Feng Tian, Ford, Kelaisile September sit switchback goes low all the way. A depression of city of North America car, the market is ceaseless and atrophic.

The analyst predicts, to the front of 2012 American automobile industry won't appear again driving demand.

Lunar sales volume drops first defeat 1 million

Get credit constrictive reach element of the demote below consumer confidence to affect, car sales volume was the United States only September 965 thousand. This is sales volume of American monthly car 15 will drop first for years defeat 1 million. Sales volume of American market car glided compared to the same period September 27% , for in Feburary 1993 the lowermost level since the portion.

Newest data shows, the group of 3 old cars of American mainland still appears declining tendency: September, the sales volume of American car market still is done not have can the trend that stanch glides. Afterwards sales volume glided respectively August 26.5% , 34% and 20% hind, sales volume of Ford, Kelaisile, current completely beautiful September car glides respectively again 34% , 34% with 16% .

Among them Ford car is completely beautiful September car sales volume drops 34% , glide range is the biggest, because credit crisis upgrades to glide to been enter,this basically is the American car line of business of the trend caused further blow, what oppugn with season person is when the American market that regards the whole world as market of the oldest car just can go firm.

Sales volume of whole automobile industry of 27% glide extent also relatively anticipate should big. This is apropos with the echo of financial crisis photograph that happens in wall street currently, car manufacturer people express, credit crisis shook consumer confidence, also make buy car person potentially more obtain car loan hard.

Besides Detroit 3 tycoons, other firm also nots allow in the situation of North America hopeful. Had ascended the Feng Tian of manufacturer of the biggest car announced body whole world a few days ago its glided September in car sales volume of the United States 32% , this cropland car dropped in car sales volume of the United States September 24% , day produces a car to drop 37% .

And the general motors with discount greater strength dropped in sales volume of completely beautiful car September 16% , should fall should be less than anticipate, make its become only one is when the market is extremely stagnant the main car manufacturer that still can enlarge market share considerably.
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