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The sale of two handcart will greet a small climax October

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Lady of the Song Dynasty is the white-collar of a foreign enterprise, the two handcart of POLO that she bought an operating period to be two years during 11 ” of “ . Lady of the Song Dynasty tells a reporter, oneself are a novice, buy a two handcart to transfer, and observe according to her, these days the price of two handcart market glides generally.

Car of Ya Yun Cun trades the market (“ of the following abbreviation inferior city ” ) Guo Yong of minister of Department of Commerce tells a reporter, enter October, as the end of the Olympic Games, two handcart market became apparently active. Two handcart market closes “ the car became much, price nature also appeared to glide. ” Guo Yong says. Chinese steam wagon flow connects Luo Lei of association deputy secretary-general to think, october, the sale of two handcart will greet a small climax.

Well-known, the car market August became this a few years to come most the market of cold and cheerless, the reporter visits a capital the discovery after market of a few cars and two handcart market, the sale of before 8 months is off-season brought not little impact to company of broker of very much handcart. Data shows, august, two handcart add up to trade 17 thousand, than going up the month reduced 16 thousand, decrease rate for 49% , than last year the corresponding period reduced 11 thousand, decrease rate for 40% .

Guo Yong thinks, as a result of August the slow down in demand using a car of people, two handcart city also achieved the nadir that sells whole years. After the Olympic Games ends, beijing car city slowly get warm again after a cold spell. Especially after a batch of Olympic Gameses enter two handcart market with the car, brought not little person energy of life for the market.

“ is consumed before the section of 11 ” golden week also upset two handcart market on certain level. 11 ” of “ around, reporter to the capital market of a few old cars and two handcart market are interviewed, be in inferior city and beautiful country are secondhand car market, many agency are active the sales promotion before going up, does “ buy a car? The car of Home ”“ my home is inexpensive. ” reporter from the market two handcart trade the area learns, only even numbers is restricted to go after measure ends, two handcart business rises apparently, the car that comes round to buy a car especially advocate, than August the corresponding period broke up 23 times.

Whether can market of “ new car depreciate before the section not Anacreontic still. A lot of consumer are to holding the state of mind that buys a two handcart to transfer in the arms to come round to buy a car. The salesperson of a two handcart tells ” the reporter so. In fact, two handcart because the price is low, it is the important option of the person that the labour firewood estate with not bounteous economy and begin to learn drive all the time.

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