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The spring of two handcart should come card of item on display of boast Chengdu

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September 19 is the car postpones media day, that day besides can admire numerous outside new car, often can hear come from car manufacturer the sound about two handcart. The powerful ginseng of two handcart agency exhibits a battle array, make the person feels the brand is secondhand the spring of the car is drawing near.

Exhibit a house inside, dragon of iron of east wind snow announces to start business of two handcart brand in the round. Manufacturer represents, special value a brand the displacement business of two handcart, should mix in sincere letter system only evaluate normative fluctuation sufficient kongfu, predict 4 - after 5 years, two handcart trade quantity general and new car trade the quantity keeps balance.

Outside exhibiting a house, be in the 2nd, on the outdoor clearing before 3 exhibit a house, spirit law car, harbor the grand car, car that open this world, Ming Jia car, 3 with group, Shen Rong car, found a state the Chengdu mainland brand such as the car is secondhand the tycoon appears centrally first, came “ eights saints go across the sea each shows special prowess of ” type reveal, or outstanding evaluate flow open and transparent, or emphasize conduct propaganda maintenance, maintain wait for a service, or the consensus that highlights …… of club of two handcart culture to see pair of two handcart undertake sale of poor dissimilation brand already became great master.

Exhibiting on September 20 that day, show of loose well of vise general manager of limited company of sale of car of cropland of one steam abundant manages the gentleman expresses more clearly: The spring of two handcart market meets “ sooner or later arrival. Who most intervene first, most establish a brand first, who is the biggest win the home. ” looks in him, make good brand two handcart key is in sale, might as well break traditional idea, use new car to be able to drive two handcart to sell likewise, lend this change consumer the perspective to two handcart.

“ looks buy two handcart to also can enjoy the treatment that buys new car. ” exhibits an area in two handcart in, one sees the lady that exhibit give out from the bottom of one's heart to plaint. She has sought advice from the discovery after car business, in the business of car 4S store that has brand safeguard two handcart, feel not only be at ease, and still can enjoy as similar as new car treatment, all sorts of car culture activities that can enter car business to hold.

As consumer two handcart brand consumes consciousness rise, the management confidence of car business is more sturdy also. On September 24, 3 with director of two handcart market Chen Long says, look from the case that develops 4 days to come, the effect perfectly. A lot of people come round to exhibit an area to seek advice from a brand two handcart and blame brand are secondhand the distinction of the car, after passing comparative, understanding, already produced several sheet to trade now. Harbor Xu Lin of assistant of two handcart chief inspector shows grand car, the promotion of consumer brand consciousness, make the brand such as 4S inn secondhand car management dominant position is more and more prominent, be about to greet the spring that develops flourishingly.
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