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Businessman consumer enters wait-and-see stage is large car that measure a perso

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After the scare buying upsurge August passes, big platoon measured luxurious car to was immersed in dismal sale prices in September. The reporter trades from car of Ya Yun Cun the market understands, as new on September 1 consumption tax apply formally, the businessman of the old car that discharge an amount and consumer enter wait-and-see phase, the sale also appears accordingly temporary “ vacuum period ” .

As we have learned, face car of the big a person of extraordinary powers that discharge an amount to take tall price curve all the way, one part consumer shelved the plan that buy a car, turn and manage money wait-and-see. In the meantime, 7, the sell like hot cakes August has digested the short-term purchasing power that measures a vehicle to big almost; On the other hand, make car price not stable as a result of the operation of agency at present, entrance car will be adjusted ceaselessly before forming new price system, this also aggravate of consumer wait-and-see, the sale that estimates luxurious car returns meeting backwater period of time. Car of Ya Yun Cun trades Guo Yong of minister of market Department of Commerce tells a reporter: 1 day of around import “9 month the change of car delivery of cargo from storage is apparent, the car was measured to have temporary low-key effect really to big after consumption tax is adjusted. The sales volume September is pressed look at present decreased probably than August 50% , but total sale success is done not have too poor, inside the limits with still be belonged to normal. ”

In addition, till now, the price one's style of work as well as one's moral quality that still has car of a lot of big quantities is whole had not reached the designated position, a lot of models did not go up more in the imagination. These dealer show, because foregoing inventory and manufacturer undertook certain assimilation to the price, so the price of some models is adjusted relatively conservatively still.

Relative to character, 3.0L comes the entrance car place between 4.0L is relatively awkward. Investigation shows, there is 47.4% to express in planning to buy the customer of car of 4.0L above a person of extraordinary powers formerly insusceptible; And the plan buys 3.0L the consumer of car of a person of extraordinary powers of 4.0L platoon quantity already had 36.7% to reelect clearly however the model of smaller quantity, 34.4% considering to change a plan.

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