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Does American banking crisis have to impact of Chinese car market how old?

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Recently, wall street transmits a series of astonishing messages consecutively: United States forest will be bought; Lei Man's brother goes bankrupt; American international group lays in committee to seek the short-term financing support of 40 billion dollar to American federal. These volatile news make clear, only then at second the crisis of American banking industry that lends an issue is in farther aggravate, and American federal lays in committee former chairman Gelinsipan more express, the United States sink “ in the hundred years banking crisis that encounters ” , its cause the whole world the possibility with a series of turbulent economy is increasing.

Stock market of financial crisis, whole world steeps fall, Chinese stock market inflicts heavy losses on again, fictitious economy is being permeated to economic substance, city of car of American Europe Asia-Pacific glides in succession …… bow wave of this round of economy, will domestic car market and global automobile industry, automobile industry get how old influence? The reporter undertook be interviewed with all possible means and understanding.

Chinese market will leave freeboard increases a period

■ market performance: Sales volume amplitude put 1 ~ in August delay

Yo of Mei Xin of deputy researcher of academy of collaboration of economy of international trade of Department of Commerce thinks, to the United States character second borrow the crisis to have become after 1929 the latent capacity of the most severe crisis. As to to China and world economy, besides system of banking of direct aggravate world disorder, still can affect substantial economy branch, wait like line of business of estate, car, aggravate credit is constrictive, make economic growth puts delay.

Since 2002, what market of our country car exceeds high speed growth to amount to 6 years is long, exceed the growth rate of our country GDP far, this kind exceeds high speed growth to begin stop a car this year. According to association of Chinese auto industry newest data statistic, this year 1 ~ in August, the whole nation takes the market that use a car overall performance is low fan, our country mixes four million five hundred and fifty thousand three hundred four million six hundred and thirty-two thousand four hundred times by the produce and sale that use a car, grow 13.67 compared to the same period % and 13.15 % , with go up photograph of year of the corresponding period than, amplitude fall after a rise 8.32 percent and 10.94 percent.

Since this year, domestic car city is divided in January, in March, outside growing in June, in Feburary, April, in May, mixed in July all appeared in August annulus comparing drops. Advocate if get shake of earth of plain of snow calamity and Spring Festival holiday, short of Wenshui River, oil price,rise, the influence of the Olympic Games, appeared to enjoy growth compared to the same period even in August. This also is recently 3 years many come first monthly sales volume drops. As we have learned, car sales volume appears recently monthly glides compared to the same period is in Feburary 2005, dropped at that time 26.3 % , reach three hundred and eighteen thousand six hundred.

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