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Light of car finance foreground will stimulate city of golden week car to walk a

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Begin from April, what car city begins to experience successive a few months is off-season, the whole nation was 462010 by the sales volume that use a car in July, annulus comparing drops 11.5% . Partial car look forward to appeared to enjoy growth compared to the same period even. This lets the beginning of the year forecast the car group public figure that produce and sale will exceed 10 million this year to unaware not only, more let broad car manufacturer bear enormous pressure. Below such setting, car loan becomes the heat that car city pays close attention to once more. 0 interest rate of “ , 0 pay, the catchword that the word of the absorbing eyeball such as 0 poundage ” became car city. Somebody is forecasted, the car borrows new pattern to go those who stimulate city of golden week car flourishing.

To domestic consumer, loan buys a car is not a new vocabulary, it is early a few years ago domestic car city a new force suddenly rises when, automobile credit had existed. In Euramerican very much country, the customer that introduces instalment form to buy a car exceeds 80% even. But be in China, inn of a lot of 4S is not worth the scale of 10% only. The big thrust as a result of car banking firm is wide in recent years, loan buys the scale of the car to presenting the trend that year after year rises.

Car finance pace is accelerated

The salesperson of inn having 4S tells a reporter, for the customer that buys a car to hoping to be mortgaged through automobile credit, can serve through the instalment of car banking firm or appeal to borrow money at the car of the bank two channel come to business implementation. It is at the beginning of this century, when ” of blowout of “ of domestic car city, car loan ever also was expressed great expectations, but the reason such as the experience inadequacy that waits for a respect in avoid of management, risk as a result of the bank, automobile credit develops all the time slow.

Enter 8 years, automobile credit market is overall get warm again after a cold spell, especially the development of car banking firm was to quicken pace greatly more. East wind day produces the car banking firm that establishs him brand in succession with Feiyate. A few days ago, china morning car comes out again will with general and electric joint-stock establish car banking firm, predict the message that will do business formally this year in October. Subsequently, strange luck car announces, limited company of silver-colored car banking obtains the badge of strange luck of —— of car banking firm of enterprise of first own brand of our country meeting approval establishs Chinese silver-colored inspect. In addition, motor Corporation of car of river the Huaihe River, Chang'an also expresses to hope to be able to begin business of car banking firm extend client range, realize stabler sale outstanding achievement and gain.

While new personality is joined ceaselessly, on steam general, masses, Feng Tian, Daimule - Kelaisile, Ford, beautiful - the existing Motor Corporation crossing a state such as Xue Tielong, Woerwo builds in China, the car look forward to of the financial firm that did not build oneself also undertakes with the bank the strategy cooperates in succession, if Beijing is contemporary,avoid breath car to borrow with what the collaboration of the bank that enrol business rolls out etc.
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