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Which model keeps a cost rate is top fit a new hand two handcart are recommended

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Applicable principle holds concurrently to fall in material benefit, proposal novice had better buy a cheap and fine two handcart to leave first. And how the choose and buy is secondhand car, it is a lot of cars advocate the difficult problem that face. As a result of the novice to car maintain, adjust those who wait for a type to use the “ with have certain to be short of break ” , accordingly to new car, use loss is bigger, be compared and the two handcart that character has adjusted often suit a novice to drive more. Accordingly, recommend a few essentials that buy a car to the reader.

One, 30 thousand yuan the following and secondhand car

Strange luck QQ

Recommend reason: Already not just young talented person can love the modelling with lovely QQ. When it just appeared on the market 2003, with respect to the feeling that finds everything new and fresh to the person, the QQ that appeared on the market 2003 all discharges an amount for 1.1L, rolled out 0.8L model 2004, at present each QQ arrives it is thus clear that in old car market. QQ of strange nowadays luck is peremptory the pronoun that makes own brand car, average month has sold 10 thousand, plus its outstanding sexual price compares such integrated advantage position, also can let other brand look at its a person's back only, accordingly its can make the car that value has most in car city necessarily.


Recommend reason: The price itself of Xiali is cheaper, depreciate so the space also is not very big, the ratio that keep a cost is relative taller.

Summary: Old car market has a law, more inexpensive car keeps a cost rate is higher. Nevertheless this also makes the price of two handcart and new car similar, formed “ new car the phenomenon of ” of appropriate of inconvenience of not expensive old car, but its essence, also accord with normal allowance for depreciation really. Lest be affected by environmental protection,choose the electric gush model after 2003 as far as possible, the maintenance relative to this kind of car (forum) convenient material benefit.

2, 3—5 10 thousand yuan of two handcart

Sang Dana

Recommend reason: Sang Dana is the sale brunt of two handcart market absolutely, the sturdy, outstanding car of durable, economy is all the time in the heart of countrywide consumer. Come a few years manufacturer rolled out 99 new show, century in succession several kinds of models such as new beautiful He Junxiu. Many 500 engage by special arrangement maintains a station to spread all over the whole nation, form country's biggest after service network, anywhere can buy the spare parts of excellent value cheap, can get convenient maintenance serves.

Nimble is amounted to

Recommend reason: In domain of economy two handcart, the rate keeping a cost that nimble amounts to is best. Amounted to two handcart to the nimble 2005 1995 from operating period, every year almost good value is behaved, belong to the mainstream model of two handcart market. Nimble amounts to reasonable term of service to be in 6 years inside, of the addition that raises car cost otherwise, value do not suit this car smoothly to continue to use gradually. From on the whole, this model is spent in the brand loyalty of two handcart market taller.

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