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4S inn is not be vividly portrayed of mode of only alternative new maintenance

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Car advocate Liu Mou, one is bought to become 5 years ago aged one of 3 appearance model, after 5 years, this model is in passed after depreciating substantially, the car price nowadays is adjacent already in those days half. But, making what Liu Mou indissolubles is, among these 5 years, car price is to be in all the time fall, but when fittings price mixes former plant to buy a car at the outset about the same, so, cost of Liu Mou that use a car does not fall all the time.

Actually, the situation that Liu Mou encounters is not an exemple, this is a common phenomenon on car market of China. In last few years, the car price on car city is “ falls from beginning to end ” word pawn, a few manufacturer give out the sound of the be out of pocket that build a car even. And in car manufacturer in succession complaint when, the maintenance value that we discover them however is resided all the time however do not fall high. Maintenance is the mainest source of manufacturer profit, this kind of viewpoint forms consensus in industry already. International market of make a comprehensive view, this kind of phenomenon also is counted special. And as " antitrust law " fulfil ceaselessly, new spare parts sells order to be being formed, this also is a trend of Chinese car market is mature inevitable trend.

The car is canned afford long do not rise

Chinese car market passes flying development of a few years, having car of an illicit home is not the issue that Yao cannot reach already. As the ceaseless grow in quantity of illicit car amount, the maintenance after carry out made broad car advocate the thing that headaches most. After because be in,buying a car, this car can be repaired in 4S inn only, the reason is other place does not have former plant fittings, car manufacturer made the policy that component forestall sells already, former plant fittings supplies 4S store only. The maintenance value of 4S inn basically expends two parts to comprise by fittings price and man-hour, among them fittings price seized a body, and most 4S inn still can be on the foundation that receive price add collect fittings administration fee, all fittings of 4S inn are manufacturer is appointed supply, do not allow to distribute market replenish onr's stock to steam. And car advocate, especially car is in guarantee period the car in advocate, can be forced only inn of manufacturer accredit 4S, other place or is fake fittings, or did not get manufacturer attestation namely, anyhow, car advocate if consider car of foster cordial relations between countries, admit slaughtering is only alternative. So, the Liu Mou that is similar to article begin to mention such disease breathe out build the car that does not have a car advocate it is there are plenty of such people.

And be aimed at such condition, 4S inn also is skinful bitter water. In visit Shanghai to go up when some 4S inn, its maintain department chief to tell the author, will negotiate the price from 4S inn angle tall also be the thing that does not have method, the management cost of 4S inn is too high, sell a car not to make money can marry again is on maintenance, what they can do is farther on existing hardware foundation improve service quality. Will in order to serve strive for the market, it is helpless that this can be called really lift, go up in present Chinese market after all, what consumer considers above all still is the price, the service is the 2nd standard on the foundation of price equality only.
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