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Does loan buy car bank and car banking firm to choose which?

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To average consumer, buying a car is brushstroke undoubtedly a large amount of consumption. Buy car target group, especially a few young customer, do not have lump-sum payment capacity temporarily, although have enough fund,have a few people additionally, but do not want to be used entirely however buy a car. To cannot or the consumer that does not think entire section buys a car, be about to involve car loan. Current, can offer what the car borrows money to include each commercial bank already, also a few cars produce the car banking firm of business. So, these two kinds borrow money, after all which kinds of loan suits you more? We will analyse both actor defect.

Procedures of car finance loan is simpler

When through the bank loan buys a car, the person that need to buy a car normally supplies number of households and total population this, the data such as house property card, still need to make pledge with building or negotiable securities normally at the same time, the earnest money with regular pay reachs relevant poundage, some provides relevant data of the spouse even. Those who value is applicant income, registered permanent residence and pawn. Consumer is undertaking the car borrows the capital fund that when assuring, provides the proof is more, the possibility with successful loan is larger. Because nonlocal person and car fluidity are greater, because this bank is right the application loan demand of foreigner is firmer, not only should sufficient evidence proves you have enough repay the ability of loan, still ask to have oneself fixed housing and the profession that have steady income commonly.

Of car banking firm put shift a criterion relatively comfortable, basically value the applicant's credence. But the income that the person that car banking firm should buy a car only has fixed profession and house place, stability and reimbursement ability, individual credit is good, can apply for to deal with loan to buy a car, to “ foreigner ” application loan does not have the requirement with special what, need to have the account record of half an year only, the economic ability that can demonstrate you is enough repay loan can, the seat of registered permanent residence to usurer, have wait to ask without rigid without building droit. Normal two days or so can finish loan to shift a car.

Car finance borrows money head pay proportion low

Most bank stipulates lowermost head pays at present the 40 % that are whole car price, loan fixed number of year is 3 years commonly, but to high grade client head pay the 30 % that can lower whole car price, loan fixed number of year can arrive 5 years, the longest do not exceed 5 years.

And car banking firm is borrowing money appear relatively comfortable on proportional requirement, the client that borrows money to approval is average the 30 % of a section of Fu Weiquan car, reimbursement fixed number of year is 3 years, it is OK that firm of banking of a few cars spends better client to credit acceptance head pays 20% what be whole car price, loan fixed number of year also can be lengthened at most, alleviated on certain level the capital pressure of the person that buy a car. And a few brands often roll out car of a few characteristic to borrow through his car banking firm now, at present so-called “ pays a few short-term on the market 0 times ” or the car of 0 poundage ” borrows “ is rolled out through financial firm normally. These characteristic cars borrow eliminate, normally more silver-colored drive a vehicle lends the loan interest rate of car finance should tall, but because car banking firm is those who manage oneself is exclusive brand, poundage is relatively less.

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