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Hangzhou, the first 4S store officially opened in second-hand car

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"I do not know cars, do not see the car in the end there is no problem, all I can not buy." This is what many people dare not buy a used car the main reason. But now to tell everyone that this situation has been broken through the second element

Used the successful introduction of third-party 4S shop, the insurance company guarantees the quality of the vehicle. "We do not know, this way is not the first in the country, but it certainly is the first in Zhejiang." Yuantong 4S store manager used car

Cai Jing said in an interview.

A shop, the accumulation of more than ten years

Used Car Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Yuan-yuan Tung Tong Group subsidiary, is a special approval by the Ministry of Internal Trade established the first professional 25 old motor vehicle operators experimental units, in the province, and the country are well-known high

And influence. Currently services include: vehicle sales, maintenance, used car insurance, used car mortgage, used car warranty and used car sales and supplies interior beauty.

"You could say, 4S shop can provide car service, we can provide, and even some tasks they can not reach, we can complete." Caijing Li is very proud of, "Of course, we per-pass second-hand car 4S stores, can be

Provide so many services is the accumulation of many years. "Caijing Li introduced the development of second-hand car stalled before the important reason is that there is no vehicle in a unified evaluation standard. However, with the per-pass assessment standards used car

A provincial quasi-industry standard, many problems can be solved, the benefits of the first is the introduction of quality used cars. Of course, this evaluation criteria is the number of dollars spent over ten years Walter was transformed from the effort.

A shop, a key step towards

The experts unanimously said that this element through second-hand car 4S stores will drive the used car industry. Third-party used car warranty, will allow buyers of used cars, new car buyers to enjoy the same "treatment."

"The emergence of warranty, will break the psychological barrier of consumers, it will no longer be afraid of used cars, but more critical is the warranty, no guarantee is made for ourselves, both players and the referee, fails to fair, but

Insurance company to complete assurance, fairness is self-evident. "Industry experts Wang Weibo introduced.

Special Offers

This week, the yuan through second-hand car shop in the United 4S Times launched a series of activities used-car version. Activity One: With today's Times, as long as the car version, Shen halfway through second-hand cars per 255 4S shop, free evaluation of your car, you can be

Japan donated 200 yuan worth of vehicles imported jewelry; activity II: Where to buy second-hand car or replacement of used cars to customers, in addition to replacing transfer fees, threw in a value of 1,000 yuan for maintenance of beauty spree (spree

Including vehicle maintenance, polishing, sauna, car washing waxing, etc.); activity three: 4S store Yuantong used cars in the sale of vehicles of all vehicles to enjoy the quality assurance (three months or 5,000 km), quality assurance, property insurance by the Zhejiang

Insurance Company to provide for the per-pass second-hand cars used car warranty insurance.


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