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Wenzhou transfer of second-hand car market assessment fee to pay the high shareh

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Wenzhou City has two second-hand car market, Wenzhou City, covering a hundred acres of cars, used cars parked inside the lot area used car, price is also from a few million to hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars. In this market

Many people come in every day trading, then here is the transaction fee and how much?

Wenzhou City used car dealers car: "The car of thousands, you want to buy, plus two points."

A one hundred thousand used cars, plus two points, which means that prices increased by more than two thousand dollars. The dealers told us that two thousand dollars is the market transaction fees, this cost is one

They usually say the assessment of costs of second-hand cars. Reporter noted that a lot of business in this market on account of the stores the words are written assessment of vehicles, then the cost of two points in the income of these households do business?

Wenzhou City used car dealers car: "Not that we receive is where Che Kwun income, 2% (less transaction fees?) Transaction costs is the assessment fee, 2%."

It really looks like the dealers say, is where Che Kwun received this assessment fee? Which we find in the market of Wenzhou City suburb Vehicle Administration Branch. Here in the lobby, a staff report so

How to handle complaints reporters procedures used cars.

Wenzhou suburb Vehicle Administration Bra

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