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Announcement of Department of Commerce 2006 the 22nd " two handcart trade standa

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The 2nd chapter is bought and sell
Thirteenth enterprise of two handcart distribute is in when buying car, answer to undertake by following requirement:

㈠ is mixed the 5th times by this standard item of line of the 6th place checks a bargainor the identity and trade the droit of car or deal with authority, check the lawful sex of car;

㈡ and bargainor decide buy the price, if reach the price to put to car technical condition,disagree, classics both sides decides can entrust two handcart appraisal to evaluate an orgnaization to undertake to car technical condition and value appraisal is evaluated. Reach car to buy intention, sign buy a contract, in buying a contract, answer to buy what just enjoy car clearly to deal with authority;

㈢ is pressed buy a contract to pay a car the money to the bargainor.

Before enterprise of distribute of the 14th two handcart sells two handcart buyer, should undertake detecting mixing to car reorganize and outfit.

The car that enterprise of two handcart distribute should show a region to entering a sale is pressed " car information is expressed " the requirement fills in concerned information, give in important niche bright show, can increase according to need " car information is expressed " concerned content.

The 15th reachs car to sell intent, enterprise of two handcart distribute should sign sale contract with buyer, and will " car information is expressed " as contract accessory. When pressing section of car of contract agreement collection, answer to open the unified bill of tax authority supervise the manufacture of to buyer, fill in according to the facts clinch a deal the price.

Buyer holds the legal proof that this standard provides the 8th times, proof to deal with move to register formalities to management department of transportation of public security mechanism.

Enterprise of distribute of the 16th two handcart uses fixed number of year to be in in course of development of 3 years of less than or travel to final user sale the car of less than of 60 thousand kilometer (allow with be to person first, except of battalion carry car) , should offer to the user 3 not less than months or 5000 kilometers (allow with be to person first) quality assures. Quality makes sure limits is engine system, turning to system, transmission system, apply the brake is all, pensile system.

When enterprise of distribute of the seventeenth two handcart provides after service to final user, answer to offer after service detailed account to its.

Enterprise of distribute of the 18th two handcart is in the process that provides after service, do not get do sth without authorization to add the service item that agrees without the client.

Enterprise of distribute of the 19th two handcart should establish record of after service technology. Archives of after service technology includes the following content:

㈠ vehicle is main data. Basically include number of car brand type, plate, engine the date, frame date, date of production, use property, closest move registers time of date, sale, place to wait;
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