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Announcement of Department of Commerce 2006 the 22nd " two handcart trade standa

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The 4th chapter is auctioned

The 28th undertakes two handcart auction and activity of relevant intermediary service, should according to " auction law " reach " sale government measure " concerned regulation undertakes.

When the 29th entrusts an auction, client should offer identification, car droit or deal with authority proof and other are relevant material. Auctioneer accepts precatory, should sign with client entrust sale contract.

Thirtieth client should offer the technical condition with true car, auctioneer should fill in according to the facts " auction car information " .

If be put to the technical condition of car,disagree, the auction entrusts both sides to be in business to be able to entrust two handcart appraisal to evaluate an orgnaization to undertake to car appraisal is evaluated surely.

Thirtieth an auctioneer should at auctioning day 7 issued announcement a few days ago. Sale announcement should adopt paper media of other perhaps news is released, carry bright following item:

Time of ㈠ on sale, ground is nodded;

Model of ㈡ on sale reachs an amount;

Of ㈢ car show time, location;

㈣ attends an auction to be able to deal with the formalities that contest buys;

㈤ needs declared any other business.

Auctioneer should show auction car before the auction, be in car is remarkable positional paste " auction car information " . Of car reveal time to be not gotten little at 2 days.

Thirtieth undertakes net arsis sells 2 times, the chromophotograph that should announce car on the net and " auction car information " , announce time to be not gotten little at 7 days.

The auction on the net is to show two handcart auction a company to use Internet to release auction information, publish parameter of auction car technology and intuitionistic photograph, carry price of the contest on the net, have sex below the net, make over two handcart what preserve value more than is highest should valence person management activity.

Process of the auction on the net and formalities should be auctioned with the spot identical. Organizer of the auction on the net answers basis " auction law " reach " sale government measure " concerned clause makes net arsis sell regulation, contest buys a person to need to deal with net arsis to sell contest to buy formalities.

Any individuals and the company that did not acquire aptitude of two handcart auctioneer must not begin arsis of two handcart net to sell an activity.

Thirtieth is auctioned 3 times after clinching a deal, vendee and auctioneer should be signed " two handcart auction clinchs a deal confirmation " .

Thirtieth 4 client, vendee can agree with auctioneer commission scale.

Client, vendee and auctioneer did not make an agreement to lot money scale, according to " auction a law " reach " sale government measure " commission of concerned regulation collection.
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