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Guangdong comes on stage " civilian 23 " buy two handcart but brand of old name

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Motor vehicle chooses date to will choose 1” to enlarge “10 to choose 1” from “5, plate is lifelong make will by discard as useless car expands to make over car ……22 day, guangdong province Public Security Department announced those who involve discrepancy condition management, public security management, traffic administration to wait for section of business of 6 big public security to the society " mechanism of complete province public security 23 civilian benefit civilian measure " .

The part involves the provision of traffic administration, will begin the most quickly to carry out on October 1 this year, set to will begin to execute before annual bottom nowadays for the most part among them. Specific executive timetable still does not have final conclusion at present.

Traffic administration:

Homebred car can provide the shop sign on place in prefectural class car

Be in 23 civilian in measure, traffic administration kind civilian measure achieves 11. Improve brand of motor vehicle name the most conspicuously to choose way namely among them. Motor vehicle everybody is rolled out to be made public through the computer since October 1 choose date automatically to choose “10 of 1” expand into to choose 1” by active “5. Save Wen Rong of deputy director general of the bureau that make a valve to just point out, this measure basically is convenient car advocate the name brand that picks ” of “ heart water.

Buy two handcart but brand of old name of continue to use

Old car vehicle advocate people rose on October 1 from this year, there also is bigger choice side when trading new car. Rose on October 1, the limits that applies for to enable number of original order brand afresh enlarges the motor vehicle that the knot is cancelled or move registers by the motor vehicle that discard as useless. The car that car discards as useless only previously advocate can choose whether the plate of old car of continue to use, and will make over when car henceforth when, the one party that buys two handcart will be not changed get new plate by compulsive choice, can choose the plate of old car of continue to use.

In addition, civilian measure cancelled to deal with what change registers to examine and approve a program. Rose on October 1, color of need change automobile body, change of automobile body or frame, motor vehicle everybody need not apply for to place of registration of vehicles beforehand, can register at be being dealt with directly after change. In the meantime, conduction motor vehicle discards as useless formalities, to car attaint cannot sail answer the ground that register to deal with those who discard as useless, cancel “ to discard as useless place of registration of vehicles applies for the ground " disintegrate of ground of motor vehicle different proves " , reach the ground that register again the order that place of registration of vehicles files to cancel the ” that register, instead “ discards as useless by motor vehicle reclaim the enterprise discards as useless to car application of place of registration of vehicles cancels the ground register, car discards as useless place of registration of vehicles traverses the land the computer system that register discards as useless motor vehicle information delivers car to register the ground ” of place of registration of vehicles.
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