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The card on motor vehicle of the Kunming since 20 days is executed make up onese

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Since 20 days, the new settle car of Kunming city can make up free plate oneself. Birthday of the number that join number, child, marry these reflect …… of number of souvenir, QQ, lucky number on the plate that the number of individual character, close affection appears likely in oneself. The reporter learns from branch of Kunming city policeman, began 20 days that day, 40 equipment that pick name will be in charge of place to wait for 9 in Kunming city car civilian service dot and Dong Chuan, quiet, show tribute 3 counties (city) , division car is in charge of substation in all 12 civilian service dot is enabled at the same time. Pick a good number as to the car that how is his, what should prepare ahead of schedule before car settle, what procedure should do when number oneself, the policeman also generalized a few gist to nod for the citizen.

Limits: Have minicar only but free order

Current, all civilian installation of service place facility and software are debugged had finished entirely, all civilian service dot can be dealt with write business of free name card oneself, use at the same time same a date paragraph resource, 5 choose 1 means to still be withheld, citizen can optional firstly. Since 20 days, from number free plate limits includes Kunming city area under administration inside all conduction register, turn (the other place buys Che Kunming settle) , move (two handcart change the name of owner in a register falls new card) the minicar of business, large car, autocycle continues to carry out “5 to pick the free way of 1” .

Make up oneself: 3 numbers 2 letters

Very convenient knowledge admits and operate this from number regulation. “ is from number ” regulation, “ cloud 3 aleatoric arabic numeralses divide A” code number 2 times the random besides I and O two English letter. Be like: “ cloud A 123 AB” or “ cloud A 666 AA” , regulation of this kind of encode has 570 thousand many number to be able to offer citizen alternative, want you to write a number by regulation only, existence inquires in resource library through the system, was not shifted to an earlier date to choose, can deal with on card settle formalities.

The car brand of make choice of of ” of “ free order, each number is corresponding car of a settle, the plate after been choose is made temporarily, car advocate can not get plate immediately, need waits 3 days to arrive a week time. Policeman branch expresses, get the plate that admire in the heart as soon as possible to let a citizen, car canal place already shifted to an earlier date and the name brand section that make is coordinated adequately, raise manufacturing rate, car of the city zone advocate plate can be gotten inside 34 days.

Original “5 chooses the means picking name of 1” to be used at the same time, “ cloud A”2 English letter is an arabic numerals 3 times. Car advocate the choice cannot choose “5 to pick 1” way after number. From number regulation in, because two letters I, O is easy finally with the number 0, 1 promiscuous, alphabetical “I” and “O” cannot be contained when number.
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