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Announcement of Department of Commerce 2006 the 22nd " two handcart trade standa

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" two handcart trade standard "

General principles of the first chapter
For the standard two handcart trade the first market operator and the service of two handcart management main body, management behavior, and two handcart trade bilateral directly behavior, trade clearly regulations, increase trade diaphaneity, safeguard two handcart to trade to close right increase bilaterally, according to " two hand wagon flow open administrative way " , establish this standard.

The 2nd is engaged in two handcart trading in churchyard of People's Republic of China reach relevant activity to apply to this standard.

The 3rd two handcart trade should follow honest, be as good as one's word, fair, open principle, forbidden bully is bought bully city, by force all right sell by force, practise fraud, ill will is colluded with, the illegal behavior such as blackmail.

The 4th two handcart trade market operator manages main body to should be engaged in running an activity inside respective scope of operations with two handcart, must not exceed limits to manage.

The 5th two handcart trade the lawful sex of market operator and the identity that two handcart management main body should press line item affirms a bargainor and car:

㈠ bargainor identification or original of orgnaization code certificate is lawful and effective;

Mark of certificate of proof of technology of security of card of travel of the certificate of brand of ㈡ car name, motor vehicle that register, motor vehicle, motor vehicle is true, lawful, effective;

㈢ trades car is not belonged to " two hand wagon flow open administrative way " the car that the 23rd regulation prohibits trading.

The 6th two handcart trade to market operator should check the bargainor's property with two handcart management main body or deal with authority proof. Car ownership or deal with authority proof should accord with following condition:

㈠ motor vehicle registers card of certificate, travel and bargainor identification name to agree; National office, state-owned enterprise or business the car that the unit sells, answer to handle a proof with asset;

㈡ entrusts the car that sell, the bargainor should offer a car advocate accredit a power of attorney and identification;

The car that enterprise of two handcart distribute sells ㈢ , should have car to buy a contract to wait proof distribute enterprise owns this car property or can deal with the relevant data of authority, and primary vehicle advocate identification photocopy. Primary vehicle advocate the name should register name of card, travel card to agree with motor vehicle.

The 7th two handcart trade ought to sign a contract, make clear corresponding responsibility and obligation. Trade the contract includes: Buy contract, sale contract, business contract, entrust buy a contract, entrust sell a contract, entrust sale contract to wait.

The 8th trades after finishing, buyers and sellers ought to concern a provision according to the country, hold following and legal proof, proof to apply car to change the procedures that register to management department of transportation of public security mechanism:
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