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Two handcart sell bill to make 3 kinds of orgnaizations use only

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Basis " about strengthening two handcart unified sale bill uses government farther standard is secondhand the car trades the opinion of order " regulation, have get buy, the unit that royalities Wu mechanism integrates the two handcart of supervise the manufacture of to sell bill qualification includes: Two handcart trade enterprise of distribute of the market, two handcart, sale business.

Among them, two handcart trade market operator undertakes two handcart trade directly with what do business through enterprise of two handcart distribute, trade by two handcart the two handcart that market operator opens tax authority supervise the manufacture of unite sale bill; The two handcart that enterprise of two handcart distribute buys to this enterprise only open sale bill, bought two handcart are when showing distribute enterprise buys two hand car, the two handcart that obtain in the unit that has aptitude of make out an invoice sell unified bill, regard the income of this car as duty radical basis, must not be acting invoice of other company and individual; Sale business is in through vendue two handcart succeed after collection money, to buy the person that suffer to open two handcart to unite sale bill, must not be acting invoice of other company and individual. (reporter Chen Yu)

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