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[examine car of portion of of the same age] 2001 source of car of Beijing, Shanghai, river, short for Zhejiang Province [examine with brand car] Y Ming Shi design of one steam red flag: 1.8L new car configures: This brand new car configures inn of this brand 4S homebred / entrance: Homebred car color: Black [examine with area car] source of car of Zhejiang province each district whether change the name of owner in a register: Can [examine with price car] 38000 (yuan) RMB journey / kilometer number: 10 thousand kilometers of 10-15 car license: Seating: Information releases time: 2008-10-10 10:15:10 [examine connection phone] primary vehicle utility: Archives of the carry that be not battalion: The hand moves archives IP: 123.155.43. *
Car condition: Go up card time 01 years in November, the yearly check was sure in November in May, individual skill car! ! Configuration: 488 nose. Take ABS dermal seat, interior trim exceeds clean. Travel 120 thousand kilometer. Primary vehicle lacquer, do not have collision absolutely! ! Full name:

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