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Passenger car [sell] for sale

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[examine with type car] passenger car [sell] for sale [examine car of portion of of the same age] 2004 source of car of Beijing, Shanghai, river, short for Zhejiang Province [examine with brand car] R day produces Ni Sang day to produce Pi Ka design: New car deploys ZN6491D2G standard type: This brand new car configures inn of this brand 4S homebred / entrance: Homebred car color: White [examine with area car] source of car of Zhejiang province each district whether change the name of owner in a register: Can [examine with price car] 49800 (yuan) the RMB browses a number: 4 evaluate this car route quickly / kilometer number: 10 thousand kilometers of 10-15 car license: Seating of A7L579 of short for Zhejiang Province: 5 information release time: 2008-10-10 10:41:27 [examine connection phone] primary vehicle utility: Archives of the carry that be not battalion: The hand moves archives IP: 122.234.71. *
Car condition: The yearly check arrives in Feburary 2010, insurance arrives in March 2009, commercial risk arrives June 2009, maintain a road expends the end of the year. Cost is full. New tyre of two front-wheel drive. The entrance installs NISSAN engine formerly, transmission. Absolutely material benefit. Small-sized and average passenger car, do not accept area restriction. Be commissioned to sell sth
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