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[examine car of portion of of the same age] 2003 source of car of Beijing, Shanghai, river, short for Zhejiang Province [examine with brand car] R day produces Ni Sangyang smooth style: LE AT new car configures: This brand new car configures inn of this brand 4S homebred / entrance: Homebred car color: Yellow [examine with area car] source of car of Zhejiang province each district whether change the name of owner in a register: Can [examine with price car] 76000 (yuan) RMB journey / kilometer number: 10 thousand kilometers of 7-8A*J*99 of short for Zhejiang Province5 2008-10-10 10:33:57 [examine connection phone] Be not battalion carry Archives: Automatic archives122.234.71.* Car condition is good, outfit result is added to put from the back, the car carries MP3, electronic dog. The yearly check arrives in October 2009, insurance arrives in October 2008, maintain a road is expended that month. Carry fast fast. Be commissioned to sell sth, maintain in 4S inn completely, car condition is good, kilometer number is little, outfit result is added to put from the back, there is electronic dog before, have after back a car influence, the car that the girl drives. Be commissioned to sell sth. Full name of a price:

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