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Car windshield knowledge introduces integratedly

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Although car line of business and vitreous line of business are the trade that attributes two different domains, former belong to mechanical manufacturing industry, latter belongs to light industry, but in light of the development course from the car, both relationship is closer and closer. Vitreous technology is already complete infiltration in automobile industry, in making car technology field a indispensable. Now, consider and people always develops automobile glass from the angle of automobile safety and exterior, roll out new breed ceaselessly.

Windshield is given priority to before automobile glass. Be in early 80 old before, glass already assembled the T that produces in American Ford factory car, at that time is to use plate glass to install the front in railroad car, the person that make drive absolves wind to blow the suffering that rain hits. From this the following a few years, vitreous line of business is progressively sortie auto industry, created a variety of safe glass - the breed such as sandwich glass, toughened glass and area toughened glass, improved the performance of automobile glass greatly.

Among them sandwich glass is to point to with a kind transparent but plastic film sticks agglutinate sex between glass of layer or 2 three-layer, the inelasticity of plastic obdurability and glass union is together, raised glass fight broken ability. Toughened glass is to show will common glass quenchs the internal stress with make in-house organization is formed particular, make vitreous intensity gets strengthening thereby, when be broken by strong checkmate, glass can break up to take the small shiver of root face, right the member that multiply causes harm not easily.

And a kind of area toughened glass is toughened glass new breed, it passes special processing, can be in when be pounded burst, the crackle of its glass still can maintain proper definition, the eye shot area of the person that assure to drive is insusceptible. At present the windshield before the car is given priority to with interlining toughened glass and interlining area toughened glass, can bear stronger wallop.

The development be closely bound up of the development of contemporary car exterior and vitreous craft. Be in early 40 old before, the windshield before the car has used sheet type curves windshield, abandoned gradually plane windshield. Today's car windshield is general make it whole the face of yeast for making hard liquor of a type, next left and right sideses have certain radian on. Glass of this kind of curved surface is returned from treatment process no matter is from outfit embed cooperate to look, it is the product with very high demand of a kind of technology, because it is involved,arrive model, intensity, adiabatic, assemble wait for a lot of problem.

Car windshield uses curved surface glass, set out from the angle of the aerodynamics above all. Because the normal speed per hour of contemporary car exceeds 100 kilometers mostly, head on air current has shed curved surface glass to be able to reduce eddy current and turbulent flow, reduce wind resistance thereby.
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