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Tire uses medium common issue

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About aspect ratio, aspect ratio (flat rate) what content ought to understand?
Answer: In short, freely aspect ratio is lower, fetal wall is lower, express to turn to reaction below great majority circumstance faster. From the project design angle looks, the tall indulgent horizontal stroke of a tire is compared even if the cent of the sectional height of tire and width is compared.
For example: If the tall indulgent horizontal stroke of a tire is compared,be 75, 75% what show the sectional height of the widest place is its width.

If tall indulgent horizontal stroke compares what also say for 50(to be) of 50 series tire, making clear sectional height is the half of its width.
So what is is Europe made or millimeter makes norms?

Answer: By nature, this kind of system is original (deserted already now) system of digital type norms (from inch to millimeter) reprint. If printed norms is round of your embryo flank / the digital likelihood with specific 185/70R1488S(has metabolic) , so your tire makes norms for Europe. 185S is the sectional width of tire, unit millimeter, 70 for aspect ratio aspect ratio. 14 for diameter of rim predestined relationship, unit inch, r points to meridian structure namely, 88S is service instruction (laden index coefficient and speed grade) . If your tire norms is 240/55R390, it is fine long hair so tire of the metric system. In this exemple 240 indicate sectional breadth, unit millimeter, 55 for aspect ratio aspect ratio, r shows meridian structure, diameter of predestined relationship of 390 delegates rim, unit millimeter.
About norms of light card tire, what content ought to I understand?
Answer: The system of norms of light card tire that uses at present shares 3 kinds. LT makes system of light calipers standard and settle or live in a strange place the P of passenger car tyre makes a system identical. For example: If printed norms is round of your embryo flank LT235/75R15/C, can explain so so: LT represents light card; 235 spend for tire cut bizygomatic breadth, unit millimeter; 75 for aspect ratio aspect ratio; R shows meridian structure; 15 for diameter of rim predestined relationship, unit inch. Finally, c represents the laden range of tire.
Be sure to keep in mind, the of nearly 50% car that the United States makes already was not traditional sense go up " car " , these still included bun, Pi Ka and SUV in car. A lot of equiped P makes passenger car tire, the purpose depends on emphasizing comfortable sex and save oil. But, as a result of,basically be commercial account, very much light card asks to make tire have higher laden capacity than P, because assembled the tire of light calipers case this finally.

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