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Old car of much newer car distinguishs car cost oily factor look upon

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The platoon quantity of the oily bad news of the car and engine has immediate concern. Wanting the oily waste time that compares a car accurately is very difficult, because the influence is oily the element of bad news is too much, quantity of same kind, platoon and Che Lingcai are had can compare a gender, and the road of travel besides have immediate effect again to oily bad news. The feeling of accumulate over a long period just is the most accurate.
To new car, general 2 litres of cars of the left and right sides that discharge an amount, urban travel should be controlled in 9 litres, high speed is controlled in 7 litres. Block automatically should move than the hand block excessive consumption of fuel and oil 10% the left and right sides. The jeep with taller automobile body and Van, because of automobile body with the wind area big  with the wind obstruction is added accordingly
Want to expend a few oil more again greatly.
To 5, 6 years of  100 thousand - the old car of 150 thousand kilometer, the new car than be the same as a brand 100 kilometers oily bad news many 5%-10% is reasonable. The old car of 200 thousand kilometer of 10 years of  , many 10%-15% , even 20% it is relatively reasonable.
The account that oily cost adds, wear away for engine and transmission system more be caused by.

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