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Maintain on engine " 3 filter " the problem that should note

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Alleged " 3 filter " carry the air filter that points to the installation on engine, benzine filter and engine oil filter. "3 filter " cleanness maintains in time, can fill minute of engine function, lower engine fault rate, be helpful for prolonging the service life of engine.
  1, the cleanness that maintains air filter
Air filter crosses fresh air of dirty meeting block up to enter air cylinder, affect air and petrolic mixture ratio thereby. The basis experiments, the benzine of complete combustion 1g, need the air of 15g about. If enter the air inadequacy of air cylinder, mixture gas cannot burn completely, waste benzine, engine power is insufficient, and the HC in eduction waste gas and CO composition are more, pollute an environment.
Inevitable ground contains the impurity such as dust in air, its content wait for the difference of the circumstance as local soil, climate and road and differ somewhat. The basis experiments, be in when the car on the earthy road of much dirt when travel, air filter the air of 1 stere makes an appointment with every engulf but filter gives dust of 0.4 ~ 1.8g. In these dust, with respect to its chemistry composition, majority is 2 oxidation silicon. When they enter attrition surface, cut lube film with respect to meeting thorn, of aggravate engine air cylinder wear away, shorten the service life of engine.
Contemporary car uses paper air filter more, clear efficiency of filter of paper filter core is tall, the transmitance of dirt is only 0.1% ~ 0.3% . Filter of air of use paper quality can reduce air cylinder and piston wear away, prolong engine service life. Use the following should notice when maintaining:
(1) masters the characteristic of paper filter core and clean method
Core of this kind of filter uses small hole filter paper, the surface passes processing. When engine works, air goes to dirt filter through small hole, make sure clean air enters air cylinder. In use, meeting conglutinate is worn all round filter core a dirt, water or oil cannot be used when cleanness, in order to prevent core of filter of grease be contaminated. Commonly used clean method has two kinds: ① dabs law, be about to filter core is taken out from inside housing, flap end panel of paper filter core makes dirt falls off gently, do not get the face outside beating filter core, prevent attaint filter core. ② is blown wash a law, use namely compress air to be blown outwards from filter core interior, dirt aspiration. To avoid attaint filter paper, compress air pressure to cannot exceed 0.2 ~ 0.3MPa.
(2) fixed cleanness and change filter core
In use should maintain by the car regulation, often clean air filter filter core, lest go up to conglutinate crosses much dirt and increase because of filter core,take vapour lock power, reduce engine power, increase bad news oil to measure. If filter core damaged should change in time.
(3) is installed correctly, prevent air not to enter air cylinder through filter
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