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Car " anamnesis " very important buy two handcart not to forget to examine

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When everyone goes a hospital seeing a doctor, the doctor can establish an anamnesis record to us, above the illness that records us and remedial circumstance. Same, a car if “ falls ill ” , 4S inn also can build “ anamnesis ” to the car, this is maintenance record, had this record not only can let us have detailed knowledge to car breakdown, still can be in the choose and buy helps consumer judge car when two handcart true condition.

” of car “ anamnesis is quite important

Car needs to maintain to 4S inn after use period of time, the staff member is met the specific content that car condition maintains need types the basis computer enters in the records. The manager of region of section of the market of 273 two handcart expresses: The metropolis after “ car has maintained keeps corresponding record, want a car only computer of relevant information input can check all maintenance log, if car has produced traffic accident, still can check from which had changed why to be planted spare parts, this can judge this car to send those who give birth to an accident to damage degree. ”

“ anamnesis ” can regard a choose and buy as reference

Buying what two handcart worry most is pair of car condition “ the ” that do not have a bottom, be afraid that car conceals ” of “ internal injury, these apprehension can pass 4S inn to examine judgement of ” of car “ anamnesis. Especially illicit home car advocate, because maintain to car,knowledge does not understand, often can choose to undertake maintaining to 4S inn, maintenance. Be in when consumer the choose and buy is secondhand when the car, the unit that can purchase bill to go up through car finds the 4S store that sells this car, know traffic record to this inn, such choose and buys are secondhand when the car much ensure together.

Go more inn of a few 4S examines a record

Current, on the market inn of same brand 4S often more than, if primary vehicle advocate change maintain place, that cannot see a record only, should run more circumstance of a few understanding. The personage inside course of study reminds: In actual life is not every car can ask appoint 4S inn or calm dot enterprise to safeguard by the manufacturer, maintain, if car produces traffic accident outerly, car advocate often can maintain in place, this often cannot find a record, but can expend a record to judge car to whether appear through examining car insurance capture accident and damage level, so proposal consumer still wants a choose and buy the two handcart that those can pay insurance fee on time.

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