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To buy a used car test drive and ran the name of the owner is also extortion

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Hou Linzi sell cars online news release, contact a buyer and Hou agreed after 2 test drive the car, this time driving buyers test run, and later even the buyer to specify the account to Mr. Hou marked with 1 million, and then returned to Mr Hau car, but unfortunately, Hou Police. Hou Linzi District has a Citroen car, to sell it before the Spring Festival for a new car, December 12, Hou published in an online used car sales news, the next day Some contact with Mr Hau, the two sides agreed at 15:00 on the 13th Yang pathway in the Linzi District, look at cars. Hou something, then drove to his brother Xiao Hou went to meet with the buyer. 15:00 Xu, Xiao Hou car with each other in the slope of the road met Yang, Zhang claimed the buyer see the shape of the car after feeling satisfied with the parking sensor to test the grounds Zhang, Xiao Hou off to look at cars. Xiao Hou get off, Zhang did not test the reversing radar, but the car sped away. Xiao Hou act immediately informed buyer Hou, Hou Zhang cell phone to immediately call the buyer, in the off state. So, Mr. Hou went to the Public Security Bureau reported Linzi. At 20:00 on the 13th Xu, Hou received a message: If you want cars, 1 million will be remitted to the designated account, and then put the car back to you. Hou owner is aware of blackmail him, and immediately report to public security departments of this situation, During investigation the public security organs at the same time remind the majority of owners, especially those selling the idea of public vehicles, the best to the regular second-hand car market transactions, if the private transactions, pay attention to people separated from cars, and timely information and to identify the true identity of the buyer false, so as not to have been violated.
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