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Although the price of used cars much cheaper than new cars run, but to buy used cars for ordinary families is the cost a small fortune. However, with the second-hand car which has the particularity and uniqueness of the lack of second-hand car credit system and other issues, for the average consumer, second-hand car covered with layers of the veil as the mystery woman, people can not to see the truth Yan. To this end, Xiao Bian consulted senior evaluation experts specifically for consumers plan to buy Weapon used car, used cars for consumers to uncover the mystery. The first step is to determine the car of your budget. Should be based on their economic capacity and the car took to develop monthly investment for your car budget. In developing the budget, many people tend to set the budget for a wide range, such as 5 to 10 million, in fact in such a large budget, the configuration of used cars will have a significant performance difference, does not have comparable, so First, determine the exact budget. The second step to consider the use of your car that you buy a second hand car owners what if the terms of use. Car for different purposes, the choice of models will be very different to the price of 5 million new cars within cars, for example, if you often go hiking, then all the Thai high chassis 2008 is more appropriate; If the main purpose of travel to work, then focused on F0, QQ, etc. top of several cars. Such micro-cars, the difference in quality is far from a large difference in appearance. Because the car is your daily contact with friends, so it must have to select a suitable, QQ and cute panda is taking the route to fashion line-based BYD F0, Benben tend to be conservative. When car from starting their own needs, in order to buy second-hand cars boast wishful heart. In determining what model to buy, the third step is to find the seller and make relevant inquiries. Excellent card network here remind everyone, the particularity of the used car, be sure to buy used cars used cars to large informal market, and try to choose a regular and reliable used car business; not just for the sake of convenience or cheap, to those who do not have the Used car dealer business qualifications at the OTC. There are some illegal second-hand car dealer name of "private transfer" on behalf of dealers, or some so-called acquaintances playing "cooked food cooked," the trick, just to meet a lot of consumers do not trust the market psychology. Many consumers therefore fooled. If you do not have the conditions to the scene to look at cars, do not inter-provincial city car, must be vigilant. After the selected second-hand car business on his own to buy the used car seller should be asked in detail about the information. Inquiry should include: the number of kilometers vehicles? Whether the original owner or hands off the car? Whether a collision before? Have any maintenance records? Is a personal car or company car? Why selling cars? Vehicle configuration? Procedures, documents are complete (vehicle registration; driving permit; travel tax; acquisition costs; insurance, road maintenance, inspection)? engine number and driving them numbers are consistent with the documents? so on the used car to buy a full understanding. The fourth step is to see the car inspection. Although the used car you have to made a detailed inquiry, but only to see cars in person inspection, we know the real situation of second-hand car. First look to see whether the vehicle collision marks, scratches and so on. Secondly, the surface of the car, engine, tires, trunk, engine is deliberately cover, car trunk at the bottom, and a detailed look inside to see if there is odometer fraud, over whether to re-decorating and more. Master Jiang also reminded everyone that they do not understand the case of vehicles, find some rich automotive experience and common sense test to look at cars with friends. If a friend can not go, but also good to note in advance to ask the main question, from a variety of ways to collect enough information. The fifth step is to test drive cars. When the vehicle condition checked, you can road test drive. Test Drive the road to pay attention to the following questions:. Start is stable? Clutch performance? Transmission shift is smooth, with or without sound? Seen in the direction of travel will deviation, jitter, little turning radius, whether the direction of a noise machine? How to brake performance, is there sound? whether the deviation? any abnormal engine noise? air conditioning situation? bumpy road in terms of vehicle suspension situation? Test drive a car over if the problem does not exist, then congratulations to you, this car is that you want to select. You are not happy to find their own second-hand car? First Do not happy, we have a very important thing not to do that and sellers on price. If you do not understand the used car prices, worry about second-hand car sellers raise the price, you can consult the views of automotive technicians understand the current car worth, in order to talk with the seller more reasonable price. Excellent card for the majority of second-hand car used car network will also provide consumers with a free used car price assessment. After about a good price, on to the final step, put car transfer. Buy a used car, in the transaction sector in addition to promising vehicle condition, and the rest is the most important part of procedures for transfer, while some friends who do not understand car transfer in order to save costs ignored aspect of good luck could not see any car accident okay if bad luck, something out of an accident by the police caught the trouble, fined another says that the key vehicle insurance company will not pay Chuxian, no matter how much damage had to themselves, it is petty advantages suffer a great deal. Transfer procedures to be handled are: car buyer to provide identification or a business owner who's business code card, car financing, (if the car were not local residents do need a license to the local temporary residence permit) . The seller to provide a ready vehicle owner or business owner's business identity code card, vehicle title registration, vehicle driving license, vehicle purchase tax certificate, valid vehicle insurance policy. In the local second-hand car market can handle the transfer procedures, time, probably one week, get the fourth day temporary driving permit, the buyer with the temporary driving permit to a specific market for vehicle license and obtain the original title, original to be brought a driving license, original and the original and the property immediately after the purchase tax (IRS) to transfer the certificate. Transfer fees will be different around the can to the local market for consultation. After transfer procedures when handling, this car used car belongs to you. Finally, Eukanuba used car users love to remind you, the selection of the time a car is critical, try not to vote in the May Day, National Day and Spring Festival holidays, this is the car during the peak period should be avoided, should be bought in the post car.
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