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Money does not buy a new car luxury used cars are selling in Zhejiang

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Summer is so short is more real impact, but out of upscale second-hand cars are not the same as the stock market. Last weekend, a reporter at the Hangzhou Motor City to see the old motor vehicle market, many of the Porsche Cayenne (configuration Gallery reputation Forum), Mercedes- Benz E-class (configuration Gallery reputation Forum), BMW 5 Series (configuration Gallery reputation Forum) posted before the car "sold" the words, a price of 6 million yuan Lamborghini used car, it is attracting people's attention. 6000000, Hangzhou, the most expensive car used car market Usually see a poster with the same classic, white, convertible, and that really makes arrests the eye. "This car is almost brand new too!" Mr. A look at the car, accompanied by Ms. exclaimed. She turned around three or four laps around the car, took a dozen photos, after learning that the price reluctantly, step back and walks away three. Contact the car was removed to the owner of the temporary owner of South Korea when he was driving another car asking price of more than 200 million Lamborghini test. South Korea boss told reporters that the car is the Lamborghini LP640, the country did not have several different vehicles, in February of this year's card, was opened more than 1,000 kilometers. Shang Hao car license plate worth more than 7 million yuan total, and now the price of six million to under 580 by the bargaining million to open 1,000 km original owner must register the cost is 100 million. "40-year-old owner is not the private owners, the family has four or five vehicles, including more than 1,000 million over run. The car without any problems, the only reason for selling cars that want to change the taste." Han said the boss, the car displayed in the Motor City after wave of people every day dozens of onlookers, a few people have talked with the price, in the end because the price is too high not 谈 拢, have a client on the price but because the procedures to be stuck for mortgage . In this regard, South Korea boss is not worried, "to worry about not be sold, after all, still off-season." "This is the market the past few years the most expensive car." Talking about 6 million yuan Lamborghini, Hangzhou Motor City, General Manager Xu Jianlin old motor vehicle market is not strange, "one that the company's four vehicles on display more than 10 million yuan. " Hangzhou to do high-end car dealer used car heat Korean business owners used cars no small reputation in the industry. Now, his hands were two Lamborghini, two Bentleys, two Ferrari. Refer to the company website, has been traded in the car including the Bentley Continental Flying Spur, Aston Martin, Ferrari and many other luxury cars. Insiders mention he knows, "for him, basically to do more than 100 million cars." Motor City in Hangzhou, do these professional car dealer luxury used car there are many. In the dawn of the second-hand car, the reporter saw a row of Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche Cayenne, as well as an almost new Maserati, a Porsche sports car not on the cards. Salesman told reporters, "We purchase these luxury cars, spent more than 3,000 million." It is reported that they had just sold the day before the Ferrari F430 (configuration Gallery reputation Forum). July is not over, has been traded more than 40 vehicles. "From all of 60 million yuan." General Manager of Hangzhou, Xu Jianlin old motor vehicle market in recent years have witnessed the rise of luxury second-hand car market. This year, specializing in luxury car market increased to nearly 30 merchants, accounting for more than 20% of the total, while less than 10% two years ago. "What kind of luxury cars have, very good deal." Xu Jianlin said that Beijing and other cities this year, second-hand car market specialized in the newly opened high-end used car display area, Taizhou has a similar market segments, and in January of this year in Hangzhou Motor City Hall 30 Stand E auction, NRL used almost exclusively a luxury car dealers. Enthusiasts, money does not buy a new car Well-developed private economy in Zhejiang to luxury cars, super luxury cars, gave birth to the fertile soil consumption. Porsche, Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini and other ultra-luxury car brands have opened a showroom in the West Lake, almost all of the luxury cars will Zhejiang as the most important markets. "A lot of people in entrepreneurship, there are many rich second generation, their pursuit of luxury goods, like the early adopters, like the maverick, they are often the first and most likely to buy luxury cars, grass is always greener." An industry source told reporters this year, the biggest luxury used car new car more and more standard features. It is understood that most of these home owners more than a car, frequency of use is not high enough mileage a year (configuration Gallery reputation Forum) was thousands of kilometers, instead of to a year or two will change, not on license to sell luxury cars are not uncommon. Zhejiang second-hand cars as luxury vehicles, including vehicle condition is good, attracting a large number of Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, second-hand car dealer to come to Taobao, also bought a lot of individual, "a Mercedes-Benz S500, an hour hand a. " Concerned about the luxury second-hand cars, most of these wealthy enthusiasts. "Now the circle we have a saying that 'money does not buy a new car', they often change, even for a few months. If you buy a new car discount at least two to three million a year, and buy a luxury second-hand car, opened last year and then sell, at most, two or three million discount. " This reporter has learned, bought only half a mileage of 2,000 km, yet the brand Porsche cammey, premium package 980,000 yuan car, second- hand car market bid 760,000 yuan, lower by 22 million; a 3-month moving vehicles Audi A5 (configuration Gallery reputation Forum), second- hand car price cheaper than the new price of 17 million; 9 into a new Maserati, the prices of more than 160 million direct hit from the 5 fold ... ... to attract a number of high-cost luxury car enthusiasts in droves.
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