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Who is the most used-car market car preservation

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Said the prices of the lowest end of the year, even if used cars as well. Of the year, due to second-hand car near the end of life increased, while the corresponding lowest new car prices, used car prices are also "shrink" a lot, an early and late, the mainstream used-car prices have undergone a lot of changes, ranging from two to three thousand, as many as million. Second-hand car market this year, who is the most value? Let us compare some. Price Description 1. The selected model year of the mainstream of the current year of second-hand car market, price is the average price of a car under the vehicle in different price is different, here for reference only. 2. New car prices guide the selection of factory prices, but prices of second-hand car dealership would be appropriate taking into account the floating price. 3. Preserve and increase the rate calculation used car, must be listed on more than 1 year of the new car, less than 1 year comparison is not within the scope of models. 4. Some are replacement models, since the new configuration of all aspects of the difference between the old larger models such as POLO, not in this comparison as well. Fit hatchback depreciation amount: 2,000 Price Analysis: Comparing the beginning and end of the year, the Fit hatchback manufacturers guide price has not changed. But throughout the year, 4S stores will be developed according to different sales incentives, annual average of 1.5 million from concessions should be. Fit hatchback market in 2004, the current used car market in 2004, the Fit hatchback up to 2005, from the price point of view, the beginning and end of the price difference is not significant. Vios depreciation amount: 5,000 Price analysis: The second-hand market, up from 2003 to 2005 Vios, Toyota's most famous configured VVT-i engine time to market for new Vios is not long, so hard in the used car market see, from the new car prices, this year experienced a factory price adjustment, price cut sections of the model was 5,000 yuan, the annual decline is normal for the entire purchase price did not have a major impact. Elantra depreciation amount: 2,500 yuan price analysis: Used Elantra in 2004, 2005, the largest equipment introduced in 2006, the Elantra CVVT engine relatively small number of second-hand cars in eighty-nine million , the Elantra and Excelle (configuration parameters Gallery) is the most powerful of the two models, because these two brands from the market beginning in the new car market to win the good sales, market share higher. In normal use three or four years, the two cars into the used car market has been a lot of volume. In 2007, the Elantra has also experienced a price adjustment, the acquisition of second-hand car market and therefore change. But it is worth noting that, without adjusting the price before the Elantra has approached or reached the margin of preference after the price level, therefore, the beginning and end of the year for second-hand car market changed little. Fox depreciation amount: 7,000 Price Analysis: At present, the old Ford Focus sedan market, the number more, in 2006 registered the most. This year, Fox also been price adjustments, price cut in 6000 to 1 million indirectly affect the prices of second-hand. Fox is a very popular model, and the subsequent listing of the hatchback models are sought after by consumers, sales in large number, so its chances to enter the used car market, high brand recognition in the market, there is a degree accumulation, for the preservation of this car is very good Tiida depreciation amount: 2000 yuan price analysis: TIIDA sedan models, slightly lower than the hatchback market acceptance of money, so the current second-hand TIIDA hatchback models to the main. Sedan models this year, the manufacturers guide price has not changed, and its margin of preference will not change much, still remain at 1.5 million, and throughout the year, changes in secondhand Tiida's price range is not great. Of course, the into the end of the year, the acquisition market is not stable enough, with a clear downward trend. Corolla depreciation amount: 2,000 Price Analysis: Corolla from the market after the sales have been tepid, the degree of market acceptance of the general, so its preservation rate be affected. While the Corolla (configuration parameters Gallery) listed during the year, but the FAW Toyota Corolla guidance does not adjust prices, the current 4S shop prices relatively stable, around the end of the margin of preference will be million. Compared to new car prices, used car market, the acquisition of the Corolla in the market has remained stable, but an Bora (configuration parameters Gallery) equivalent level models, the preservation rate is relatively low. Excelle depreciation amount: 5,000 Price Analysis: In 2007, Excelle family also experienced a price adjustment, the rate of 1 million, but after the dealer price of its discount rate remained at 1.5 million, or even higher . The acquisition of second-hand market Excelle also changes accordingly. Currently, second-hand Excelle in 2004, 2005, for the most, but not as good as its degree of market acceptance of Elantra, in the secondary market share is not predominant. Sagitar depreciation amount: 10,000 yuan price analysis: speed factory price rises this year, Proton Obviously, some models more than 20,000 yuan, after the price adjustment, production and sales Sagitar improved significantly. However, the purchase price adjustment speed for the few owners of Proton cars, the hedge rate in the loss of vehicle self-evident. However, because of fast time to market for Proton is not long, so the used-car market share is not large, can now see very little. From the price point of view, the Sagitar prices, the current margin of preference 4S shops are still million, used car purchase price will have little floating shock, but the whole, the German cars in the preservation rate is still high . Dongfeng Peugeot 206 depreciation amount: 5,000 Price Analysis: 2006, Peugeot 206 series to become one of the best-selling small car, with the ownership of the improved entry into the used car market has accumulated a sufficient quantity. Currently, second-hand Peugeot 206 has more than Vios, Familia (configuration parameters Gallery) 323 such as those listed as early as two to three years than its models. Used 206 to 2006 for most. In 2007, the Peugeot 206 is gradually increased margin of preference, the beginning of the year the offer is only 4,000 yuan, while the second half of year and the margin of preference has reached 8,000 yuan, the acquisition market is gradually reduced. Depreciation amount of musical styles: 5000 Price Analysis: the shape of musical styles through the "pan" re-design, the more attractive to consumers, coupled with a good configuration of the vehicle, with sales than the Aveo hatchback models (configuration parameters Gallery) much better, but The car has the overall level of market acceptance of competitors such as Peugeot 206, the market retains a small amount. Although the musical styles and time to market is almost 206, but significantly less second-hand cars. In 2007, the musical styles of cars experienced price cuts, in the range of about 1 million, the current car, there are many offers, which acquired the old model of the impact caused no small market.
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