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New transfer chain leading used car industry

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Sold the car and the cattle were basically dealt. Cattle is the second-hand car used car market in China led them to make the difference for the purpose of the circulation of used cars change hands next to the link. As China's second-hand car market is still in a seller's market, used car trading volume is relatively low, and the seller for the purchase price and transaction procedures, awareness is very low, which gives cattle created favorable conditions for survival; while opaque due to policy , lack of market norms, which further strengthened the dominant position of cattle, selling cars at a relatively weak position of consumers.

2009 trading volume of China's 13 million new vehicles, already surpassing the U.S. as the world's auto sales big country, but our second-hand car trading was only 300 million, with foreign mature markets differ greatly. Insiders pointed out that second-hand car circulation of the disorderly competition and lack of specialization, is constraining the development of second-hand car industry, the main reason.

Today in the used car market, to become a qualified cattle, many of the qualities needed: first, he must be a good sale price can be low for the source to the car, but also be able to sell high price; followed by his must understand the car, procedures to identify problem vehicles, condition and accident problems; Finally, he must have a certain flow of funds. The ability to close business and personal workshops with the business, as the individual's knowledge structure is not complete and energy are limited and can not achieve economies of scale development, are largely restricted the used car industry.

I also interviewed a number of second-hand cars of cattle, generally operating mode was previously used increasingly difficult handy, but do not know how to break through. In fact, industry participants are breeding industry lost a revolutionary change to come.

Shanghai to open a new chain transfer represents the emergence of changes in the industry, but also for cattle from individual entrepreneurs to change the operator to provide a broad stage. First, open a new chain of original auction inquiry change the way the highest bidder using the concept of a reasonable allocation of the resources used cars, making the car a strong source of business focus to the strength, the strength of weak businesses will be eliminated the ability of a reshuffle and integration, the more high-quality businesses more willing to cooperate and open a new, high-quality businesses to join the auction will open a new platform makes getting better and better; Second, establish a chain of New Transfer a set of business management system for the used car business to provide an efficient bus service revenues, which reward and punishment by the rules of science constrain the behavior of businesses, both to enhance the level of business integrity, but also created a growing business groups, to attract more and more businesses will open a new chain for the car collection vehicles to transfer the main channel.

The author transfer chain to open new cooperation in business were interviewed. "New car transfer to resolve the source of my problem, and now I only care about how I can sell the car," a business is very direct and I said his thoughts: "I am too busy, busy month turnover 15 vehicles, but now I easily trade 45 per month; past, my customers are in Shanghai, no time to go out, and now my customers have come from Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Shandong and even. " Another merchant said: "What I used to have it yourself, can only trust their own people, and now I have hired a man, as I set the price to help me sell cars, and a lot easier." This shift is only now opening in New one-year period.

New transfer chain in charge told us that the goal is to open a new culture in Shanghai, more than 100 100 transactions per month to second-hand car traders, help them complete change in identity, a second-hand car industry entrepreneurs.

It is this idea of leading the industry in helping businesses develop, but also brought a breakthrough for the opening of new development. New transfer chain has opened since 2009, 10% -20% monthly growth rate, the present volume more than doubled to lead the industry a huge advantage, ranking Shanghai First, the current owners of more than 2000 per month provide services to car dealers, car dealers in Shanghai brand of choice for car owners!

New transfer chain of innovation model for the development of second-hand car business brings strong support for the development businesses to further promote the opening of new development. This win-win cooperation model, used car industry in China will break through the bottleneck of development and guide the used car industry, benign and healthy development.

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