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Used-car market hit an iceberg off-season doldrums

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Prices will decline slightly next two months

On Friday, I went into the city of Hangzhou car used car trading, looked around the car all packed, can not find a space. And heavy traffic in stark contrast to the market Azeri pitiful, look at cars

Buy a car see a few, and even stand owners have to go hide while Xiexia, or lying asleep, or small groups get together to play cards with time, no positive enthusiasm to do business children.

Hangzhou, the acquisition of second-hand car trading center manager, said Zhang Xiaochun, this scene is not one or two days, the entire June, second-hand car market is in a recession. From Hangzhou Motor City used-car market statistics

Show that in June a total turnover of more than 4,300 vehicles used car, the chain in May fell 10.4%. The data used-car market in Zhejiang Province also not optimistic about the deal in June 2100, the chain in May fell 12%.

June turnover rate below 20%

"Business has been very light in May, and June is more short, life is more difficult ah." Motor City in Hangzhou met a sitting trance is boring car dealer, a topic he was talking about the large inverted grievances.

Second vehicle network standard car statistics show, the whole June to market the vehicle for the 178, 35 transactions, turnover rate of less than 20%. May's data is compared to market the vehicle 212, closing 52, 24.5% turnover rate

. "To the car auction business has received a lot less, slightly cool little car also three or four businesses to bid." Zhang Xiaochun said.

"Now we are afraid to receive cars, as far as I know, a lot of car dealers on hand inventory of more than two months, has accounted for 60% of the car, the car sold, the funds are tied up." Prozac card company's total second-hand car Manager Wangjiu Kang said.

Zhang Xiaochun analysis, so the recent downturn in trading volume, or a relationship of mind and sellers. "A lot of used car sales also count on customers

Last year or this year in March according to the price of hand, this is certainly unrealistic. New car now fall so sharply, so few people buy a car lot, car dealer car received very cautious, if the price is not very attractive, Ning

Can not. "

For the afternoon, we interviewed several people in the industry are not good. "Off-season will last long, difficult to say, look at new car market. If the new car market has been to get up, used-car market slump will follow. You can

Sure, the stock market in July and August will not be better, and this has always been the traditional low season months, particularly evident this year, the estimated volume and price will continue to decline slightly. "Wangjiu Kang said.

Quasi-year depreciation of the fastest car

Now people change faster and faster rate, leading to second-hand car market access continues to increase the percentage of new cars. Per-pass second-hand car business manager, said Cai Jing, who came in the company closed the year accounted for 10% of prospective new car. Not

However, recently by the impact of the most powerful is what makes it approved a new car.

"We have received 13 May Sega came in a sedan-type fashion, on the license in January of this year, running 8,000 kilometers, only after two days, to 94,800 yuan on the price of sold. But now, the car only to the same conditions

Can sell 92,000 yuan. "Prozac card company used cars weekly, ZHANG Ji told the gold, second-hand automobile market in the overall downturn in a year's prospective new car prices fall, especially powerful. 10 million in the mid-size car, a month's work

Husband would lose two or three thousand dollars.

"This year in March and April, these prospective new car is very popular. Was tight supply of new cars, waiting time is longer, many people are turning to second-hand car market, new car prices lead to such strong potential. But now ,

Car supply has not nervous, plus the expected future discount rate will be greater, led by prospective car to a person. "ZHANG Ji said he counted about, usually the preservation of such vehicles was 83%, now only 80%.

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