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Wenzhou transfer of second-hand car market assessment fee to pay the high shareh

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Wenzhou City has two second-hand car market, Wenzhou City, covering a hundred acres of cars, used cars parked inside the lot area used car, price is also from a few million to hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars. In this market

Many people come in every day trading, then here is the transaction fee and how much?

Wenzhou City used car dealers car: "The car of thousands, you want to buy, plus two points."

A one hundred thousand used cars, plus two points, which means that prices increased by more than two thousand dollars. The dealers told us that two thousand dollars is the market transaction fees, this cost is one

They usually say the assessment of costs of second-hand cars. Reporter noted that a lot of business in this market on account of the stores the words are written assessment of vehicles, then the cost of two points in the income of these households do business?

Wenzhou City used car dealers car: "Not that we receive is where Che Kwun income, 2% (less transaction fees?) Transaction costs is the assessment fee, 2%."

It really looks like the dealers say, is where Che Kwun received this assessment fee? Which we find in the market of Wenzhou City suburb Vehicle Administration Branch. Here in the lobby, a staff report so

How to handle complaints reporters procedures used cars.

Wenzhou suburb Vehicle Administration Branch staff: "Go upstairs to the transfer, the procedures are on the second floor."

According to the staff member's instructions, we came to the second floor of the hall, we note that the staff here, and did not like the first floor of the uniformed staff, but casual.

Wenzhou Motor City staff: "to complete the procedure to fill out forms, and then rubbing pictures. 2% of the cost by assessment to collect your service fees. (Assessed at?) In the next (a Wenzhou city to you so? ) Long

It also has a bay, each county has one (the same price?) On the transaction price to the 2% service fee. "

In the survey, the reporter learned that the original assessment of fees charged on the second floor there is a company called Yan Shing second-hand car market companies, not government departments or units. However, in the car in the city, only by this company

Invoices issued by the Secretary for the assessment of service charges and the words printed on the invoice back to the first floor of Vehicle Administration for the next step in the transfer of vehicle ownership, vehicle inspection, renewal of licenses, renewal procedures. In the Wenzhou City, to provide such second-hand car trading

Longwan District were also second-hand car market in another company. In this regard, the Wenzhou car rental industry insiders believe that this in fact suspected of monopolistic charges.

Vice President of Zhejiang Province, Huang Jiansheng Car Rental Association: "In short, Wenzhou Lucheng, Ouhai, Longwan used car you have to transfer in these two places, or you would not sell, it said (transaction fee) to the number of how many."

Charges to continue to use the market, said there is nothing wrong

In Wenzhou city, if you want to buy and sell used cars, according to the state on the used car trade-related measures, must go to the used car market to complete the transaction, and the only two markets in the urban areas they are nothing but unity in accordance with the

2% of the volume of transactions to collect assessment fees, it is precisely because this uniform standard of assessment fees charged sparked considerable controversy.

Second-hand car market in Wenzhou City, Wenzhou City only one of two second-hand car market, talking about a 2% transaction fee, many business tenants, he kept complaining. "Too expensive, imported less than Wenzhou."

Wenzhou second-hand automobile market account: "Taizhou, a car is 500 yuan, 10 million or more is 300 yuan, 20 million or more is 500. (20 million cars the same?) Here is 4000. (Do you think the gap big? ) large, the service

Fees should be hundreds of pieces appropriate. "

Wenzhou second-hand automobile market account: "We run households, transfer must be received 2% do not can not be assigned. (Received 2% of car sales are influential?) Great impact on increasing our burden, but also increase consumer burden

. "

Business operators tell us here: the present province of other cities like Hangzhou, Ningbo, Taizhou and other measures are taken to scale fees, transaction fees charged. Ningbo, for example, specific criteria were: to assess the price at 25,000

Yuan, 400 yuan each received; assessed price of 25,000 to 50,000 yuan (including 5 million), each received 700 yuan; assess the price of more than 5 million received in 1000. The price of Wenzhou, 2% of the assessed value to collect transaction services fees, for the assessment of price of 5

Million or more vehicles, was too high. So second-hand car market in Wenzhou fee for this explain this?

Co., Ltd. Wenzhou old motor vehicle transactions Gexu Feng Sales Manager: "In the past each of the documents received with reference to 1% of the price, then cancel the charges, after the opening of secondary market transactions, subject to market regulation, we consulted Wenzhou

Price Bureau, said that market regulation is not a government pricing. "

Second-hand car market in Wenzhou City, Sales Manager Gexu Feng said after the opening of used-car market, the relevant departments in the government's transaction costs without corresponding guidance issued under the premise of the price, they followed the pre-market to

2% fee. "The current market for a trading scheme is about 17,000, motorcycles account for 1 / 3, less than 3 million cars accounted for 1 / 3, and the remaining 1 / 3 which accounted for half of the family car, only 15% of high-end cars . "

In our interview Gejing Li admitted the charges for luxury cars, the fee is higher than the surrounding cities, but the pricing for most transactions or beneficial for both sides, because the transactions in the market which

Most low-end used cars.

So it really looks like Gejing Li said that? In Ge Jingli where we have not seen the relevant statistical data, and reporters in this market inside a circle, found here, mostly sold 5-10 million homes

Court of cars, and even more upscale car, and did not see the mouth Gejing Li said the low-end motorcycles and other vehicles.

Wenzhou second-hand automobile market account: "We are all here, cars, motorcycles do not have."

According to our understanding of the current used car Wenzhou city vehicles a year in trading volume between 2-3 million, according to a 2% transaction fees, transaction costs of second-hand car this year, how much cake, there is no exact statistics Digital

We do not know, but there was this earlier in which the local cost of millions or even billions are saying, what is not, only two markets themselves clear.

Stand the relevant departments: the existence of monopoly is under investigation

The two original competitors in the market, but in reaching consensus on the charges, which were a coincidence or are there other reasons? Our correspondent in Wenzhou survey used car accidents during the transaction fee to hear

Of such a statement.

Vice President of Zhejiang Province, Huang Jiansheng car rental: "Longwan used car market in Wenzhou, chairman of the shareholders of Motor City."

So the fact that not so? We found the Association of Wenzhou City used cars for this problem, the Secretary-General Association of used cars, Wenzhou Chen Man is kind of answer.

Wenzhou, Wenzhou, Xia Chen, Secretary General of used cars: "(a two markets is not the same unit?) Is not, is a separate legal (which is not the same shareholders?) Whether there is overlap of our shareholders, you can directly ask Trade and Industry

. "

Trade and Industry Bureau in Wenzhou, the two used-car market is not a shareholder of the same questions, Wenzhou City of Industry, Deputy Director of the Office of dry waves were not answered.

Wenzhou Commerce and Industry Bureau, deputy director of the Office of dry cases wave: "(is not the same shareholders?) This you have to understand it, to go to the other side to understand the business registration."

Officers said they were dry before the two had received second-hand car market in Wenzhou, transaction fees are too high, reports of alleged monopoly, now they are being investigated. "Is there a law in the investigation (how long

Time? ) This is not to say, depends on progress in handling the case. "

According to a press survey, this sort of thing has been in existence for many years in Wenzhou, do not know the relevant departments have not received any previous complaints of alleged monopoly, this time receiving a complaint, but also need long time to come to investigate Results

On the. We, like Wenzhou, second-hand car owners, hoping to have a clear view, so that second-hand car trading plainly, we will continue to pay attention.




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